Comment: Brilliant! That radical 'neocon' Rand is at it again!?

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Brilliant! That radical 'neocon' Rand is at it again!?

The Neocons crave and need secrecy!

The Neocons do not want Israel to make peace with the Palestinian government! It is the key to giving excuse to 'Mare can exceptional-ism', and world domination by their cabal!

This bill:

... Forces Israel to stand down to a large degree to avoid appearing aggressor in the Middle east. Something for which most Israelis, not the Neocon rulers, wish!

... It will expose the real constitutional money paid for war, to Israel, and obviate it's needlessness.

... It exposes the real Neocons of both parties in congress! They will not want to deprive the middle east of either an excuse for war, nor the ill-gotten gain stolen from the grassroots through fiat Fed money, craved by the lobbyist for the mil/ind complex!


It is a constitutional step!

It is in the right direction.

It is putting on the brakes instead of fighting over the drivers seat!

So DP folks, step back and realize three things:

1. the complexity and absolute awesome seriousness of this death struggle over the control of the bus, the White House, and ultimately the heart of the hydra, the FED!

3. The extreme and complex lengths to which some will need to sacrifice, even, seemingly, their personal honor possibly unto extreme prejudice, in the eyes of the shallow weekend patriots, in order to achieve victory in these skirmishes! The founders did no less!

3. The depth of the intrigue is far beyond the needed educational process we engaged in during the RP revolution of '08 and '12... this is now a no-holds-barred process. The time for prayer in the trenches has past! As the WWI veteran sergeant said to the new recruit's inquiry in the trench during the oncoming charge, "You pray... pass me the bullets"!

So, go ahead and keep attacking what Rand's actions! It gives him credibility in the eyes of the enemy!!

We have no intention of keeping on, doing the same thing, but expecting a different result!

nuff' said!

So in that vein...

Ron Paul 2016!
Get used to it, party!