Comment: The Master Pretzel Twister at work

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The Master Pretzel Twister at work

Am I the only one here who see's what bill3 is doing, he is attacking (with glee I might add) all of the people who are speaking or have spoken for the liberty movement. I would bet that he has a place where he posts what he writes here (like Mike Moores site) to show how he can misdirect the thinking here. Notice how he behaves like a liberal with his constant ad-hominem attacks instead of reasoned argument. He does occasionally throw in a good argument like this one...

"As Jan maintained in his debates, if one's own life and happiness is threatened by adhering to some ethic, then on his view it would be right to protect one's own ultimate interest, even if it meant killing or stealing. All the more so then to get a student loan, unemployment check, or social security."

Then he ruins the rest with his love of spanking crap...

"While it was all good fun watching Helfeld spank Kinsella and Larken Rose, it is now time for Objectivism to be spanked in its turn."

"That's the very crime Jan accused Rosey of. He spanked Rose deliciously"

"much like Rand did with her little cult and ugly, humorless soul."

"at least did us the service of making Ayn Rand ridiculous."

"we can pat Larken Rose on the head for being so adorably naive and retarded, throw up in our mouths a little at Molynooks and oblivious insipid narcissism, and hold Jan's feet the the fire and see if he can escape his own Socratic wet paper bag."

You can feel the hatred he has for these people especially Ayn Rand and he thinks he can make up for it with this...

"And we can love them all because they are absurd, wonderful humans, just like us."

Speak for yourself bill, you don't fool me for a minute with your logic twisting.