Comment: This is all about ISPs

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This is all about ISPs

This is all about ISPs wanting to charge multiple times for the same service.

The ISPs charge customers for net access.

The ISPs charge websites for bandwidth (essentially meaning the transfer of data to the end users and/or any other parts of the Internet).

And now the ISPs want to charge websites yet again for something they are already paying for, bandwidth to other points on the net / end users.

5-8 years ago I recall watching a speech by a telecom CEO where he said that they, meaning web publishers, were getting a free ride on their lines. Fact is, websites pay for bandwidth usage and that bandwidth usage comes from bandwidth providers who pay all the necessary fees or make the necessary agreements to make it all possible. What the telecom CEO (as far as I remember it was Verizon, but I might be wrong) has is that they have monopoly rights in certain local markets over the physical infrastructure. That makes it virtually impossible for another company to come in and run lines to compete.

It's like the way the gov charges for roads usage. They charge vehicle fees, license fees, toll charges, gas taxes, etc, etc. ISPs are trying to do the same by using threat of cutting services (which have already been paid for).