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You might find this link interesting...

I heard this episode of the Joe Rogan podcast where this quantum physics Dr. explains an interesting experiment on non-local, or out of our dimension communication.

Basically they stuck a couple people in different faraday cages and with brain scans determined they were transmitting signals between the two of them when a faraday cage eliminates all electronic signals. The suspected answer as to how this could occur is that the brain transmission are going to a source outside of this dimension. I am not fully read up but Einstein did some work on this as well.

The pineal gland, our "third eye" has been considered to be the seat of the soul and possibly an antenna to communicate with God (I believe this). The pineal gland also produces the hallucinogen DMT. So maybe tuning into the God channel means climbing on the roof and spinning that pineal antenna until it stops being fuzzy.

I am am open minded but pragmatic, and I see a lot of people have a no nonsense attitude, where they will not remotely entertain Ideas outside of the mainstream. I am sure you notice this with politics. I think this "no nonsense" attitude they have is just ego protectionism. I personally am very interested in trying to take some hallucinogen trips in the future. I would love to go down to south america and try ayahuasca. I hear that stuff will destroy all ego protectionism, and introduce us to the real universe. A lot of people are afraid to take that trip though, they are afraid of meeting their real self, and understanding their real place in the universe.