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Mister Master Pretzel

Mister Master Pretzel Twister
Twisting Faster Fingers Blister
Fists Casting Bits of Plaster
Into Mystic Fits of Laughter
Blast Away at Myths and Masters
Rifts Are Growing, Vaster vaster
Cast About To Lift the Rafters
Back in Place, Ropes to Last
Ballast, knots, glue and Casts
Humpty Dumpty, Pope and Pastor
State and Church, Human Sheep
Human Freedom, Arid Pasture
Nihilism? What is That
Just another hopeless Bastard
Twist it, knead it, don't believe it
Shape it, drape it, grow it, feed it
Sculpt it, Fit it, Breathe Into to it
Breath of Life, Hopeful Future