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60 hz magnetic fields aren't

60 hz magnetic fields aren't really radiation. Radiation starts at RF. You get the same field around a wire with DC flowing thought it. With AC it just moves. Wifi's power level (made to function in the tens of feet range) is nothing compared to having a mobile phone (made to function miles away) touching your skull or sitting a few inches from your privates. Still, I don't get the hype of wifi. It costs a lot to implement a system that is even stable without having to reboot the router every couple of weeks. Then to but a system that can support a ton of're better off with a wired connection. It's faster, there's less latency, there are fewer errors, and it's cheaper. Even in the days where 10 gigabit is right around the corner, I'd still rather have a 100 mbit wired connection over something subjectively fast like 802.11ac.

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