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Here is a treatment...

your sister may be able to get access to. It's not a complete protocol and I'm not sure how effective it would be for her type of cancer, but you could add it you your list of accessible things to research. I collected a bunch of info on it last year but haven't added it to my post because most of the videos were in portuguese so I couldn't assess the quality of their content. I've added them below with the understanding that not all of the info they contain may be accurate. The CancerTutor article might be a good place to start for an overview. It also contains links to sources.

Aloe Arborescens Cancer Protocol Stage IV Supplemental - Developed by Father Romano Zago in Brazil

Book and Article
Cancer Can Be Cured! - Book by Father Romano Zago

Franciscano Cura el Cancer - Article
Franciscan Cancer Cure - Same article put through Google translate so it may not be an accurate translation.

Padre Romano Zago - (7 minutes)

Flash - Anna Sharp e Amaury Jr. entrevistam Frei Romano Zago - (31 minutes)

Flash: Amaury Jr. e Anna Sharp - "Elixir da Babosa" - (24 minutes)

Aloe arborescens, ecco la ricetta di padre Romano Zago - (10 minutes)

Video receta Padre Romano Zago.flv - (10 minutes)