Comment: Final Fantasy is NOT anti-religious

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Final Fantasy is NOT anti-religious

Kefka attempts to BECOME God in FFVI. Kefka, corrupt with power, murders Emperor Gestahl, moves the statues and gets infused with the ability to become God-like. He is a demon in the end of the game. Although Bach-like fugues are playing in the background, it is based on Kefka's leitmotif (I know...reserved for Wagner, but you get the point). Nobuo Uematsu knew what he was doing when composing for this scene.

The point of the ending is to kill the corrupt human that is attempting to become God---not to "kill God" like some (including the video above) suggests.

Sephiroth is called the "One-Winged Angel"---again, he attempts to become God. Once a good (or semi-good) person, Sephiroth becomes corrupted when working for Shinra, and when he learns of his past, he tries to become God by destroying the Earth so he can "have his planet back."

The point of the ending is to kill the corrupt One-Winged angel--notice that he has only ONE wing---he is a fallen angel.

I honestly don't see how anyone can claim that these games are anti-religious. Aeris is murdered by what can easily be called the anti-Christ while PRAYING AT THE ALTAR at the Temple in the City of the Ancients. She was a sacrificial lamb, in the eyes of Sephiroth.

The bad guys always look like Gods because they try to BECOME God themselves. So it's up to us to stop them.

I want to play FFVI again now....