Comment: so... you're fond of "dickholders"?? What the WTC7??

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so... you're fond of "dickholders"?? What the WTC7??

so... you mean you're not in any way being a "dickholder" for Ryan Payne, the NOT-ranger 'ranger' who daydreams publicly about shooting someone in the back of the head, publicly? That, the type of company you want to keep?? xD

You seem to appeal to authority and past accomplishments. I've worked with several people who have been in Vietnam. One guy ended-up with his one leg shorter because of a grenade, and guess what? Just because people where in Vietnam doesn't automatically make them in the right, nor does it mean that they know what the hell they are doing.

'cause apparently you "dickholding" for what is most likely a Fed COINTEL provocateur "Ryan Payne" the NOT-Ranger 'Ranger,' in no way is appealing to au-tho-ri-teh??

Hm...though, come to think of it, I think that'd be kinda of hard for me to 'appeal' to Stewart's "authority" seeing as how I'm like 1000's of miles away, not to mention: it'd be kinda hard to put a yoke on someone who's not gonna let him, and whom philosophically kinda doesn't give a fcuk about anyone attempting to impose their will over him.

Did you by chance catch the "AnCap" part in my DP avatar?? Just sayin'


Now, while I never miss the endless intra-"dickholders" scrambling for attention & meaningless p0wnage over events neither parties were part nor participant of and are 'offended' in the abstract, here at the DailyPaul post-RP2012 & Randpocalypse disarray (which apparently some still haven't grown out of), clearly, you're not qualified to be reading anyone's minds, let alone mine, based on one post, enough to be making a holistic character judgment about people, just because that'd make your world more easier to process for the sake of simplicity, and short attention and dialog-span.

Begs the question: why do you have me on your 'friends' list? I don't have any friends who calls me a dickholder. Though if it's your thang, hey, I'm an AnCap WTF do I care?


so, do you suppose we should have a dialog, or do you want to pat yourself on the back in thinking your view on a group is right, something, and others' are not, just because you got some qualms about them?

if you want an actual dialog, do a mea culpa, then rephrase your frustrations in form of a more neutral non-personal attacky manner, or, I shall simply close with this: you may think calling others whom you disagree with "dickholders" have some offensive meaning, but you ARE being a DICK.

Dickholding is something one may choose to do, but being a dick? Kinda permanent condition.

So shall we discuss, or do you want to be left [dick]-holding your own asinine comments??

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul