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Of course they will then put

Of course they will then put price caps on coffee so people could still afford it which would put all the small coffee roasters out of business except for Starbucks which is deemed too important for Seattle's image and economy so they get a taxpayer subsidy. The other businesses then close and the employees cant find any other jobs because the wage is set so high so they end up on Government assistance which is good because the politicians need as many voters as possible to perpetuate this failed system once the harsh realities set in for the rest of the people who work and get hosed over worse each year with higher taxes.

Of course all the more wealthy business owners who are sick of being tax cows have left the state which has created a major issue for the politicians as funds are low and they are afraid of raising taxes on the rest of the voting population who are not yet on welfare so they contract with a private bank to print additional currency to offset the Starbucks subsidies. This of course devalues the currency so the workers cannot buy as much and only a few massive gov. subsidized corporations are left so the workers demand an even higher minimum wage blaming the free market and evil businesses on their issues.

Rinse and repeat...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.