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Heh heh.

Rob, After 4 years of no cell phone at all, I recommend no provider, and not even owning one.

It's amazing to watch the rest of the world, dependent on, and hopelessly addicted to them. Entire crowds simultaneously staring at them like zombies, while sitting, while eating, while walking, that wouldn't know it if the sun exploded until they were already toast and got lucky enough to still see the text message telling them it did.

Great Grandpa didn't have one because they didn't exist. Grandpa didn't have one because they were rare, cumbersome, expensive, and as heavy as a brick. Father didn't have one because they were insanely expensive, limited and not dependable for service.

They all made it through every day of their lives without one. It never even fazed them.

So why do I need one? To be interrupted, pestered or delayed every few seconds or minutes?, and on top of that - Pay another expensive monthly bill for it?

Thanks, but, no thanks. Lol... I recommend life, without one. Try it. Realize what you've lost since you got one. And watch everyone else constantly fumbling with, and running for theirs, or irritated by it, yet unable to function without it, to remind you why you're glad you don't have one.