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Talk about hyperbolic...

Your problem is that you don't want to admit that we're all slaves including Blacks...

When did we all become slaves? If we're all slaves already, then Bundy doesn't have to "often wonder" if they would be better off "as slaves, picking cotton."

It's hard to follow your circular logic.

I didn't say anyone was suggesting bringing back slavery, only pondering based on the fact that you and Cliven Bundy wonder whether welfare recipients would become closer family unit as slaves.

Not only did Blacks not gain anything with the abolishing of slavery, but more people have been enslaved after slavery has been abolished, then while slavery was running rampant

Huh? So what do you suggest? Should we bring back slavery so less people can be enslaved?

Look, I get your sentiment that government has taken too many freedoms and I understand that some welfare recipients lack education and parenting skills. It wouldn't matter if they hit the lottery, they are and always will be slaves in their own mind but I doubt the practice of slavery would do anything to help them become better people and care more for their children.