Comment: I have already explained why

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I have already explained why

I have already explained why I added you to My Friends list on DailyPaul. I will say it one more time. I generally like your posts. I added you to my friends list because I can just go to My Profile and I will see if you -or any of my other 'Freinds' had made a post. It is an easy way to keep up-to-date with posts by those whom I generally agree with.

I will say this again. The Bundy's -you know the people who's ranch was under attack- they are the ones who put Ryan in charge. I doubt that they would have put someone in charge which they didn't know or trust.

...whom philosophically kinda doesn't give a fcuk about anyone attempting to impose their will over him.

This is why he doesn't do support operations very well; which is why people shouldn't put much faith in him; maybe if someone wants to give-up control of their own situation, then he might be ok, but I know I sure as hell wouldn't let somebody else be in charge of a situation which would directly effect me if it went wrong.

..just because that'd make your world more easier to process for the sake of simplicity, and short attention and dialog-span.

Is this not a judgement? Oh, so you can do it. I get it now; It's only the wrong thing to do when it is not you doing it.

Yes you've chosen to be Stewart and the Oathkeeper's dickholder. You admit that you don't know them, and yet you appeal to their past works -as if any of that matters, they did take part in statism in the past- as justification to adamantly claim that they are telling the truth and are correct and beyond reproach. That is a dickhold or water carrier -if you prefer; you made the choice.

To also, try to justify your faith of them(Stewart and Oathkeepers)you post about a Marine(maybe former Marine -never ex), which most people also never heard-of, who is probably also an Oathkeeper to corroborate the position of Stewart and the Oathkeepers. Wouldn't that be like the government justifying the actions of the government or police?