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Forget the Class action its time for criminal indictments

over the tender issue. The tender issue puts every single bureaucrat in breach of duty at minimum. Those who conspire and commit to forcing an unlawful tender upon anyone is committing multiple felony acts. Once they have been respectfully notified of their participation in criminal activities they are no more excuses for continuation of criminal injury based on fraud.

We can use their presumption about the 'volunteer' status as the very means to open the door to justice because that presumption leads to actual injury giving their victims valid cause for action and remedy. We don't need to sue them we need our juries to throw then in prison or give them the death penalty. What happens when the jury finds the coinage act of 1792 is indeed still valid law? The answer is that the criminals will die for what they are doing. For every criminal that issued capital punishment 10 of thousands will discover that indeed ignorance of the law is not a defense and re-evaluate exactly what they are doing due to the high stakes of maintaining ignorance. This is exactly what we can do to clean the system rapidly.

"When it really gets interesting is when you do speak up and object. All of a sudden weird shit starts happening that would not normally happen. All of a sudden state priests in black robes who would not normally listen to or care about one dam thing you have to say sit quietly just listening."

And most in the liberty have no idea that this indeed exactly what happens when you challenge their fraudulent presumptions. The other weird thing that happens is that you find out the courtroom has side doors everywhere because they attempt to bump you out the side door any way they can just to get the awakened man/woman out of the court and off the record as quickly as possible.

Yes they seek conflict coming from you. That's why another defensive strategy that is even better than making a bunch of claims is to simply discover their understanding through strategic questioning. What do they claim? These are the most expensive questions on Earth and they cost us nothing more than the theft that is already on-going against us and cost them everything. It also reveals exactly what points they are intentionally trying to hide and the questions can be established in such an order to know before they will either reveal their fraud and/or demonstrate conflicting information. Either of these two being huge advantages for us being able to bring them to justice. We can simply logically corner them into demonstrating fallacies or admission of guilt to crimes on the record all while their initiation of claims invoked the law of time and economics to be applicable to such false claims.

The criminals in the system are totally phucked in the most phucked way anyone could be but the only missing piece is awareness by the population at large of our inherently supreme position in such matters. It's sad that everyone is just going to stick to opinion land instead of actually learning how to protect the law so that the law can protect them. It is clear that the people enslaved are getting exactly what they deserve for their laziness and fear.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...