Comment: Your primary argument is that

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Your primary argument is that

Your primary argument is that the other guy can't prove a negative. That's not very useful in a debate, is it?

The fact that you (and apparently many others) can't accept a very simple scientific explanation for observed phenomena bodes ill for the liberty movement as a whole...

Possibility 1: Jet fuel doesn't burn with 100% efficiency, thereby leaving aerosolized particles in the air around which water condenses. The resulting trail (which is almost entirely water vapor) then persists for varying amounts of time based on environmental conditions. Since for all intents and purposes it is a cloud, it behaves as a cloud in this way.

Possibility 2: Since all aircraft leave the same vapor trails as those in the U.S., every government on Earth must be running the same 'chemical spraying' program that the U.S. is. And every person in the world who works closely with jet-powered aircraft is aware of the spraying program but doesn't reveal evidence of it for some reason.

How, oh how, could you possibly think that possibility 2 is the correct one?