Comment: Actually Here in Utah we are ALREADY using gold as money.

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Actually Here in Utah we are ALREADY using gold as money.

I highly recommend reading my post
Read throughly the responses to the question. The Association here in Utah facilitates your ability to use gold as money. It works. The trick is just not to convert back to Federal Reserver Notes. AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TOO! As far as treasury minted coins. If it's stamped 50 dollars, it is in fact 50 dollars. There is much, much more to this.. I need to update the post. MOST people don't know that WE WENT BACK ON THE GOLD STANDARD in 1985 when Reagan signed it into law as mention in the article I wrote last year. All you have to do is start going on the gold standard.. Actually, any of you who want to get an app that allows you to directly get paid in Gold (physical gold in an account that you can use or take or transfer or sell) We can do that right now. This is a money revolution that has just started since we passed the Gold and silver act in 2011 in Utah.. It looks like Oklahoma is as well. If the Governor of Arizona doesn't veto it again we'll have 3 States who recognize the already federally recognized gold and silver dollars.... This is big REALLY BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll post a youtube presentation soon.. watch for it.