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President Ron Paul would be

President Ron Paul would be like Congressman Ron Paul, a shining example of how a human being should conduct themselves, but unable to pass anything through a corrupt legislature. I admire Dr. Paul greatly, but practically speaking he was only a protest vote.

Could a good man rise to the top of the Mexican mafia and convince the mafia to stop extorting people for "protection" money, and to stop running the drug trade? Of course not, he would get "wacked", by a faction that doesn't want their profit flow stopped. If the mafia stopped doing those functions, they would no longer have a purpose, and another mafia would just replace them.

A fundamentaly flawed system cannot be steered in a good direction. I think there is way too much romanticism for how the system was some kind of pure thing back after independence from England. The founding fathers were not so saintly, and like my mafia example they did not like the King cutting into their share of the loot. If they were all about freedom and not a competing management team, why would they own slaves? Sure it was common to own slaves, but the idea of not owning slaves on moral grounds was a known concept as well. A concept that many chose not to embrace because it was not profitable.

I once spoke with a taxi driver in London and he explained to me that in British schools the revolutionary war was not taught as a foreign country throwing off an opressor, but as a British civil war. Americans did not fight British, British fought British. You can't have patriotism for a country that doesn't exist, but you can want to seperate from your fellow country men when they over tax you.