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Comment: AIPAC un-approved

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AIPAC un-approved

This bill obviously isn't about appeasing the Israel lobby, considering the Israel lobby doesn't approve, so quit right now with the knee-jerk reactions based purely on the title of the bill. (seriously, I thought you were smarter than that.)

Sounds to me like this is the best way to get the Senate to talk about ending foreign aid, as it encourages every future mention of foreign aid to come with stipulations.
Sure, Ron would have proposed a Bill ending all foreign aid, and it would have failed.
Principles/Education: 1
Reduction of Foreign Aid: 0

Side effects include protection against future false claims of anti-semitism (Rand is running for president, right?), and painting all objectors as the hypocrites.

A bit of history: Last year, Rand proposed a bill that cut aid to Egypt, and despite the political unrest, that bill failed and we continued to drop millions on a country who's future was unknown. Riddle me this: A Congress who won't even cut aid to a country with unknown leadership is how likely to cut aid anywhere at all?
Sounds to me like using our relationship with Israel is the only way to get this topic discussed on the Senate floor.