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All offense...

You turned into a real jerk in all 3 of these debates that I listened to, and I listened to every minute. I think Kinsella realized what a jerk you were to Larken, and the low-class tactics you CHOSE to use, shouting over people, presuming your conclusion (gangs with tanks) rather than arguing from principles, using examples like "you're dying of thirst, one man holds a gun to your head and tells you to steal, you are in a sinking boat..."

And you dislike Kinsella's use of ad-hom, BUT YOU are dropping ad-hom left and right. Saying "that's the difference between you and me, you would...." That is ad-hom, it brings the ARGUER into the ARGUMENT. When the arguments just stand alone.

But you have lost all my respect and earned an un-subscribe.