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But we already have all those

But we already have all those things under this system of government's Jan, including the American Civil War which was a larger government conquering several smaller ones. We already have predatory tyrant nations praying on smaller weaker ones. I live in America, the king of predatory nations who picks on smaller nations. The world is rampant with criminal gangs armed with tanks & tomahawk missiles etc.. its just we call them governments and pretend they have legitimacy just because those on their particular gang's turf, for the most part, approve of them. Guess what, member's of the Mafia approve of the Mafia, and may even vote or have political influence on which members hold power within their structure. It doesn't change what they are, and at least criminal gangs admit it.

How can you have a civil war in a stateless society? What kind of gang warfare could compare in the scale of horror to what Hitler did, or the nuking of Japan? Or even the battle of Stalingrad? For one, without the state, they wouldn't be able to print money which would vastly inhibit their ability to wage mass-scale war or develop weapons of mass destruction.

I should note, I think that a stateless society based on NAP "currently" is impossible because governments exist, and the first to give up the notion would fall victim to those who still employed governments. A stateless society would be unable to stand against a government gang in this current age.

But then there's the argument that we are already living in an age of anarchy without governments, but its not based on NAP. We live in a world controlled and dominated by banks and mega-corporations. Is there anyone who honestly believes that the president of any country still controls anything? Governments have been reduced to an enforcement class of thugs for these banks and corps. It IS the mafia, only it has the "perceived" authority to use force because people still seem to think that their gang has legitimate authority as they can participate in rigged elections.

It's important to note that anarcho-capitalism based on NAP is a vision of the future, not a workable model for the present. However I believe its inevitable in the not-to-distant future because of technology and mass communication. As trade and information begin to flow freely, as drone technology becomes more accessible to average people and begins to make traditional weapons of war obsolete, and as governments loose control and begin to crack down harder and harder with brute force, I think the paradigm of this brutal age of government will begin to close.

The shape a stateless society could take is anyone's guess, though it will almost certainly need to based on companies who trade over vast distances making a net of trade routes where any given company may have a profit margin to meet in multiple "countries" across the world. Why would McDonalds want to use its contractor to bomb a place where it has business interests?

All I can say for sure is that all the things people fear about anarchy, the warfare, the chaos, the destruction etc. is it's already here today. Governments are what gangs become when they acquire the sanction of their victims. Their destructive capability and ability to commit all manner of crime and get away with it skyrockets when a gang becomes a government.

There is a reason that democide, to this day, remains the #1 cause of unnatural human death.