Comment: No war has been as bad for us as the civil war?

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No war has been as bad for us as the civil war?

What is that assumption based on?
What was the cost of war as far as lives and debt compared to our modern day wars?

At least back then there were people fighting on THEIR LAND for reasons that were their own. We now send our military force to any country who opposes us and destroy them for 10+ years.

I would rather have ZERO government personally. The government is the largest criminal gang there is and I see nothing wrong with average citizens owning tanks whether they are looked at as criminal gangs or otherwise. We will always be demonized however unlike our government we would only use them IF the need arises.

Will there be some who try and take over towns and cities and do evil? Yes but at least it is localized and can be dealt with. Neighboring cities and states could come in and help IF they feel the need is there.

Good people are everywhere even those who own crazy weapons. I see the scary anarchist criminal gangs getting wiped out by the good in no time flat.

Local law could be very powerful and with that, each locality can decide what their laws can be. If you don't like an area, you move and if you don't they will odds are move you out by force if need be.

As far as other nations. If we STOPPED going around the world fucking with people they wouldn't have a reason to attack us especially if we stopped printing FRN and lived WITHIN our means. We are not meant to be the most prosperous nation in the world but just another piece of land in this world with a ton of people on it.

Most governments are building up their military and force because of what WE do. If there was a crazy nation doing what we are doing everywhere, why wouldn't another country do the same?

Everyone is so scared of the big bad boogie man coming to get us from russia, china or some other world power but I think that just means you watched WAY TO MUCH t.v. growing up and falling for all this b.s.

Why is it that other countries are not in war, many haven't been in a war and others were simply in one because they were occupied or ran through.

Oh no some scary country is going to nuke us!!!! Without a government who has no capability of protecting anything what will we do LOL.

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