Comment: No junk food & low carb diet

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No junk food & low carb diet

It is my opinion not to overlook a very important fact, especially when one is sick:
REAL food is our super natural medicine.

Humans are designed to eat plenty of VEGETABLES with lots of HEALTHY FATS that you find in meats, eggs, fish, coconut or olive oil etc.

AVOID sugars (carbohydrates) !!!
No junk food (If you can't cook it yourself, don't it eat !). No candies. No pasta or cereals of any kind !

Carbs are the major fuel for cancer cells.
Replace carbs with healthy fats to make those s*ckers starve !

Here is a good read:

Here is also an excellent book (a book that is perfect to understand what the human body is designed to eat and what dietary supplements you may need to take (vitamin D/K/C/Magnesium etc):