Comment: Politicians = "would be tank drivers"

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Politicians = "would be tank drivers"

What if the government is just a group of crafty "would be tank drivers" Jan?

And Jan you give them the ultimate pass, you are nearly their ally!

These "would be tank drivers" got a degree, a nice suit and tie, and Jan said "As long as you don't roll the tanks out... you can steal my kids for 8 hours or more a day to serve in indoctrination camp, and you can steal 50% or more of all my productive efforts; oh and you can do it to all of my neighbors too!.... Just please, no tanks and mohawks."


So these "would be tank drivers" never got to roll up their sleeves and show off their tattoes, waste a whole bottle of gel forming their mohawk or spiked hair style, and strut their stuff behind the cannon of a tank; their rightful blaze of glory, their shining moment, their destiny.

Thanks Jan.


Jan, now I realize you are on the anarchist's side. See, you're so sneaky, so clever, you even fooled the politicians.

Secretly, you are grinning deeply. Because you know it just burns their bum, the politicians, that you DENY THEM, you are their master Jan, you so punked them, you pwned them, you denied them of their dream TANK RIDE Jan.

You had me going. That was clever. Good eye Jan. Way to see that clever angle. I didn't even notice we were WINNING so spectacularly. Yes. High five bro. Rock on. Cue the Queen soundtrack, cause we are winning haha, yeppers.

I will feel a small sense of pride the next time I look at some of these 6 figure "would be tank drivers," stuck driving in Limos and Mercedes instead of tanks, forced to cut their hair instead of mohawk it, forced to wear Rolexes instead of of spiky wristbands, and stuck wearing Armani double-breasted suits instead of their glorious tank top uniform decorated with studs and leather tassels.

Feel that burn you politicians, you "would be tank drivers." Nanni Nanni Poo Poo, Jan denied you, denied you of your tank ride, and my dad can beat up your dad.