Comment: Jan this is a very good interview - you were polite and helpful

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Jan this is a very good interview - you were polite and helpful

I liked how you informed her. This motivated me to watch part 1.

Those of you criticizing Jan for asking the same question over and over again are missing the point. He is trying to get Julie to express her principles ... which appears she's not able to do. I like Julie and I think she should review this interview and learn from it. If you cannot express your principles then logically, people will assume you don't have any and you are a typical politician.

I believe Julie has principles, but has not taken the the time to define them. Not saying this because I think I know more than Julie, but if she is going to be in the public eye and giving interviews, then you need to be able to define your principles, just like Ron Paul does. He has certain principles (constitution, limited government) and his actions and statements follow from them. This way one can be consistent.

My advice to Julie would be to write down every question Jan asked, then write down an answer, based on what your core beliefs are. Saying "I'm a practical person" or "I don't see it in my lifetime" can lead into your answers, but are not answers themselves.

I give Julie credit for putting herself out there, and Jan for (hopefully) helping Julie to see she needs to be able to express her principles in a consistent manner.