Comment: from an Anarchist's point of view

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from an Anarchist's point of view

Rand is kind of a central planner. Government I'd say is a pretty centralized control mechanism. And if you participate in that, then you are complicit. So in that same way Ron is complicit as well. Before anyone starts getting all mad, just hear me out.

There is certainly some hypocrisy going on as many of the people bashing Rand were supporters of his dad. I am guilty. But You gotta understand that a lot of people Got into (L)ibertarianism through Ron Paul and then through further research and adherence to NAP, reached Anarchism. We supported Ron (and I still do, especially since he is out), but many DPers and Ron supporters have changed since 2008-2012. In fact, its because the experience with Ron and his campaigns that we've been able to more easily make the extra steps from Minarchism to Anarchism. Ironic as it, if I had known what I do now back in 2008, I probably would not have supported Ron. At least not in the sense of voting and sending money. I'd have respect for him and admire his good traits of course. Just as I do Rand. I don't support Rand and definitely don't like some of his decisions. But I still respect him and admire his many good traits. But I am done with the system and many others are as well. Especially the younger generations.