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Comment: Kokesh really sounds ridiculous here

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Kokesh really sounds ridiculous here

How can someone as smart as Kokesh be that against Rand? Who else is fighting for liberty in the senate and has even an outside chance at becoming president. Yes, you can be naive and claim to be a pure anarchist and say that you're going to simple withdraw from the system, not participate, etc. However, if you open your eyes for more than a minute you'll realize that simply isn't possible anymore. Where can you go that the state will not follow? You could confine yourself to a cave in the middle of nowhere and there's still a good chance they'd try to monitor you somehow. Don't pay your taxes? End up in prison. Don't get the right permit? End up in prison. If you're going to attempt to have some semblance of a normal life you can't just ignore everything. That means it's going to take some people playing the game. Rand can't openly call himself a libertarian on Hannity because that's still considered a dirty word for the majority of republicans. If you walk, talk, and act like a libertarian, who really cares how you label yourself? I guess we'd be better off to just roll over and let Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton run the country for the next 8 years.

The idea's time has come.