Comment: i don't share Adam's exact view.

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i don't share Adam's exact view.

They obviously have commonality as any father and son would have and also in some areas politically and philosophically. But I don't think anyone will disagree that Rand doesn't quite do it for them like his father. For many, not all, but for many it was Ron's defiance of the GOP and establishment which partly attracted us to him. If its a "game" Rand is playing with the GOP or not, no longer matters to me personally. I don't think he is going to get the results he thinks he is going to get. Rand sucking up to the GOP for whatever reason makes hium un-trust worthy for me. And its not because he isn't an honest man, he obviously is a good guy. But the GOP can never be trusted quite frankly and they are probably aiming to use Rand, just like they probably used Reagan or any other Libertarian leaning president.

To be fair to Adam, Ron has used the word voluntary quite a bit in some books if I am not mistaken.