Comment: I try and look at it like this

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I try and look at it like this

We know what kind of person Ron Paul is, and knowing that we have to consider multiple things, first: we know that Rand is his own person, but, we also have to consider to ourselves what kind of person did Ron Paul raise? He obviously raised him in his way of thinking. Also, Rand has been there for every election is father went through, and having to see how the establishment treated him, how they called him a racist, A Jew hater, and a crazy old man. Now put yourself in his shoes, would you blow all that stuff off and just run how you want to run and support similar positions that those same people that attacked your dad supported? Now, I don't pretend to know what Rand is thinking, and I hesitate to say that he is just playing along until he becomes president, but I would say that he does love liberty as much as his father does, and cause look how much of an impact Ron Paul has had on all us, and we aren't his flesh and blood.