Comment: Dear Adam

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Dear Adam

I can't get on board with you here.

Don't worry so much about Rand comes off and how he presents himself at the current time. Do YOU REALLY THINK that Rand's MAIN AUDIENCE is the puny libertarian movement at this time?

He HAS TO PLAY POLITICS! To get a slot on WWE Raw, you have TO PLAY PRETEND and act like the punches are real. That doesn't mean that the wrestlers actually mean what they say when in the ring, IT'S A SHOW; and we know it; but the masses think it's real.

So let him play politics and I THINK YOU WILL BE MORE THAN PLEASANTLY SURPRISED with the stuff Rand would do should he reach the office.

You know how politicians ALWAYS CHANGE THEIR TUNE AFTER they get elected? Like Obama (and all politicians) not living up to any of his campaign promises?

Well.... I believe THE OPPOSITE WILL HAPPEN with Rand. What he does when he reaches office WILL BE UNHEARD OF. The things he will do will not be on his campaign promise list, because he would not get elected by the sheeple if they were!