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He won't be ANY KIND of leader

If he doesn't first get elected. Ron Paul had NO CHANCE of getting elected and he knew it. He was just out to educate, and he did that well. Now for round 2.

This time, we don't just want "a Ron Paul clone" that will ALSO HAVE ZERO CHANCE OF GETTING ELECTED!

This time we want Rand to do what he has to do to get the seat in the office THEN... he can start being genuine.

Sorry, but you have to make some sacrifices along the way for the end that we desire.

RIGHT NOW is not the time to judge Rand's actions. AFTER THE ELECTION is the time to criticize!

Just help us get him in there!

Who else are you gonna pull for?

NO THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE STANDS A CHANCE! That is just the reality of it. We could "stick to our principles 100% of the time" and vote only on a libertarian candidate.... BUT THAT IS SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT with an absolutist philosophy, it handicaps us if we are not flexible in extreme circumstances.

The RARE CHANCE that we have a candidate that STANDS A CHANCE is an extreme circumstance.