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It depends on what aspect you're looking for

At the top of the list conceptually for me is Rich Dad, Poor Dad

It gives you the understanding as to why. If you're beyond that, and want to get on with doing - the question is - do you know what it is you want to do? Or are you looking for an idea?

There are many, many examples of what people have already done in The Hundred Dollar Startup

A book that gives you a conceptual idea about how to go about it is The Lean Startup

I've read all or lots of the above three, and they all have their merits. There probably isn't going to be just one book - there are so many aspects to it.

Here's one more, though I can't say I've read it, though I've met Bill before, and he is a superb individual. Disciplined Entrepreneurship.

That should give you a good start.

Otherwise, plunge in and expect things to take twice as much time as you expect, cost twice as much, and expect half as much money. That is what I call the rule of halves and twos, lol.

Being optimistic in the planning stage is essential, but so too is being realisic.

Good luck. Keep us posted.


He's the man.