Comment: Well ya know,

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Well ya know,

these cops didn't point their guns at anyone's heads. So it's not quite a parallel argument.

Don't worry dude, if I had to take sides on this, it would definitely be with your argument against police wasting time and money doing this, and making people think they're getting a ticket. You don't have to convince me of anything. I'm there.

But let's not lose our sense of humanity here, where we can't see the humor.

It reminds me of activists who record themselves at checkpoints while acting like robots themselves along with the cops! They keep repeating "Am I free to go?" and they seem to abandon normal social skills. Let's keep the liberty movement down at the human level.

"Are you driving without ice cream in the car?" Gotta admit, it's kinda witty.

Ok, I've made my point. Don't worry, when it comes down to it, I am actually against this type of thing. But uh, there are other political issues out there that deserve attention and in relative terms this is something to chuckle about.

I am Ron Paul