Comment: So the book acurately

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So the book acurately

depicts public schools as they exist today.

It's called indoctrination and de-sensitization.

I don't blame the father.

We had a similar situation at the State University our daughter attended. She changed teachers for that course - tired of his perverted and sexually explicit choices for what was supposed to be a literature course (instead he enjoyed having the students dissect filthy rap music in a mixed gender class, all the while laughing at the degrading female lyrics and acting like a sophomoric 8th grade boy.) Our daughter was the only one who spoke up - others were offended but did nothing. The teacher was also very much against anyone who was pro-life and that hatred reflected in the pro-life student's grades.

Higher Learning...oxymoron at its truest definition.

That's what happens in a state brainwashed obedient citizen population.

Homeschool your kids.

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