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Keep thinking inside the box

Physics changes as one passes through a black hole. And at the very small scale. And at the big bang. Who are you to state that it might not change in other locations, in other circumstances?

Where to begin. Can you back up that statement with actual observation or tests?

Who am I to think that, nobody. But I don't need a degree to tell me the simple laws of thermodynamics. There is nothing difficult really about it. The amount of energy in the universe was set the day it was made. It cannot change, will not change.

However to play your game. Can you think of anything in our universe that we have observed thus far whereas the energy released from whatever it is, is more than what took to make it ? This is the claim from free energy. It's always the same we can get you 300mpg. Un huh. All you need is 200 chinese men to push you around all day and BAM 300mpg. Done. See how I did that 300 chinese men, that is where the energy comes from in that scenario.