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UPDATE: Indiana Liberty

UPDATE: Indiana Liberty Candidates Victorious!

Happy to report that many liberty candidates were victorious during yesterday's primary! Curt Nisly unseated incumbent state rep. Rebecca Kubacki with 65% of the vote in district 22. Nisly was supportive of Ron Paul and the delegates supporting him at the Indiana State Republican convention back in 2012. He was endorsed by Sheriff Brad Rogers and Gun Owners of America. The main attack used against him during the final weeks was his support for Gary Johnson in the general election. Kubacki had drawn fire from all sides for being a disrespectful representative and lying about her votes. (Social conservatives lambasted her for switching her vote on the marriage amendment.)

Christopher Judy pulled off a big upset in the 83rd district. A Ron Paul supporter, veteran and GM worker he unseated Rep. Kathy Heuer. Heuer also came under fire from social conservatives while libertarians were concerned about her support for common core and her fiscal policies. Didn't expect this one, so it was a very nice surprise.

Both Judy and Nisly came under intense attacks from the Indiana chamber of commerce. The chamber spent tens of thousands of dollars in an attempt to discredit them. In Nisly's case, they claimed he was too socially conservative, was a secessionist, hated children, wanted children to die in daycares, was too liberal and voted for that Gary Johnson guy. The attacks backfired, and they are both the favorites headed into the general election. Both of these victories have caught statewide attention and national circles are beginning to take note. (In other news, the big 'L' libertarians again bemoaned the fact that they aren't getting attention...)

Matt Dillon of Wabash won his primary in the race for city council. Dillon is the vice chairman of the county republican party and a Ron Paul supporter as well. I believe he is favored to win in the general as well.

Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County was unopposed in the primary and the democrats haven't put up a candidate to face him so far.

These are the ones I know of so far, will update this when I learn more.