Comment: Good Bye America, - the land of the FREE!!

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Good Bye America, - the land of the FREE!!

What is there to say except to repeat what I have said and written in many similar cases as a response to what is happening in YOUR country today. (I am from Europe but live my life as an international citizen)

Well, here is what I want to say this time: Every single one of you who live in the USA should be ashamed off what your country has turned into. Where else in the world today does a concerned father get ARRESTED and handcuffed for speaking more than his 2 minutes in a case like this? WHERE? Ok, perhaps in the OLD Sovjet Union but most probably not even in the NEW Russia!

Not only the government of USA, but any and all authorities in general has gone completely and utterly out of control! You are turning into something which in some cases is even worst than the old Sovjet Union. It is very very sad indeed! And it is in fact very dangerous for all us us as we NO LONGER has a country known as the USA to stand up for FREEDOM and individual liberties in the world.

And the book? Well, that is just another sign of the road your country and most of the world is on these days. But that is another sad story.