Comment: Nonsense

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Anyone that buys into this nonsense would believe that a congressman's brain is different than anyone else's brain. A brain is simply a piece of meat that has no creative or cognitive ability. If you don't believe me, go down to the butcher shop and get some brains. Or you can go to a morgue and get some brains, of a guitarist if you like. Take the brains home, dissect them, analyze them under a really big microscope if you like. See if you can find any difference between a guitarist's brains and the brains of a Congressman or someone that flipped burgers at McDonalds. All you will find is a bunch of meat. It's not the brain that holds knowledge or creative ability. It's the human spirit that does the thinking, understanding and creation. The spirit resides in the human body, typically in the area of the brain. But the idea that a guitarist's brain is somehow more creative is simply pure nonsense. Such ignorant ideas lead to discrimination. Are guitarists going to be given some special privileges or considerations on the basis of this study?