Comment: This a great outside the box thought of yours

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This a great outside the box thought of yours

I like when people expand thoughts and ideas.

I have two properties that I bought. I haven't fenced them nor to I defend them from any so called intruders and personally I am fine with anyone walking or using my land as they see fit.

When the time comes where I fence it off and live there however I would defend it myself and not ask any local police or government agency to do it for me.

If someone was walking on my land AFTER it was fenced. I wouldn't need to use FORCE unless they were harming my property, stealing, trying to harm myself, family, animals etc.

I would be fine with them walking through it though and not take that as a threat BUT would find it weird especially where the property is located. You can walk in any which direction and have free walking access without needing to go through my specific land.

I would prefer to make a friend, find out why they are going through a fenced property versus going around it etc.

We can go back many many years and assume that all land isn't owned by anyone except the victors of war, government intervention or even homesteading laws. Should all land go back to the indians and if that is the case, who came before them and should they have claim, or the animals or whoever else came before them? Yes in the wild the animals claim areas of their own and fight for it if the case arises and in the basic form we are indeed animals who will fight for what we assume are ours whether this is legal, right, ethical or based on any history right to ownership.

As far as how things are now, we are playing by the rules that are put in place whether we agree with them or not. Obey laws, disobey unjust laws but this is based on a persons specific belief in laws or if they even exist for them.

If someone believed that NO ONE has the right to own anything and came onto someones land to take/steal/harm someone else or their property I don't see them winning in the end especially how the laws are defined currently.

I like your style of thinking, it is great being something outside of the normal posts here. Actually making us think, is always a good thing. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana