Comment: Who initiated violence?

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Who initiated violence?

If some one is stealing food from your kitchen, yet has not threaten you, the individual, with violence, and you use force to stop them, did you not initiate force?

Or was the act of theft in of itself a violent act? Even though no physical harm was initiated or even threatened. If the "theif" simply opened your door, walked into the kitchen, and grabbed an apple. Even smiled, waved, and said, "Good day."

I agree with your statement, property rights is a social aggreement, and that in an AnCap model, force would have to be used to protect property rights.

I wonder, if an AnCap "citizen" were to trespass and steal from a citizen of a State, if the State would be justified, by the AnCap Principle, in detaining, and even punishing, the AnCap citizen.

I personally only believe that force is justified in the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (if someone was harrassing a neighbor I'd feel justified in using force to deter them, I would attempt to use diplomacy, or psychology first though).

I've personally never been in a position where I felt the need to use force to protect my material possessions, only my well-being.

Jack Wagner