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The Corporation of the United States is the democracy

they are talking about. (whether they all know it or not) Our constitutional republic government and all of the offices and positions appear to have been vacated in 1871 (or somewhere around then). Research by many indicates that our organic constitution and our republican form of government are most likely inactive and lying dormant. We all live in a corporation nation. Every city, state, county, well as every OTHER "nation" around the globe are also corporations. Its a paper based administrative system. Until more people do the research and figure this out...we will keep being enslaved and ruled based on UCC contracts by psychopathic oligarchs who call no country home. We are all "voluntarily" entering into contracts on a routine basis. Many are adhesion contracts which in reality makes them unenforceable but when the vast majority of the poplulation on the planet doesn't even know what type of control system they are living under...there is very little the average guy can do to escape the system. Our fellow slaves see to it that no one ever gets free. Its the most incredible indoctrination and slight of hand in the history of the world.