Comment: The missing piece

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The missing piece

The piece everyone tends to ignore, and something that is just so obvious to me, is that it isn't money alone that perpetuates income inequality, but the immense power of government, who is paid to protect it.

The same people begging for greater government regulation and taxation on industry are the ones who bitch and moan as soon as a chemical spill is swept under the rug. Then once government fails to appease the people who are upset, they blame individuals in the system (instead of the system itself) and charge up for the next election cycle. Meanwhile, chemicals leak into their water ^_^

It is both the crony capitalism (the interference of the free market) and the failure of democracy being an adequate means of removing the corruption from Washington, that is creating an ultra-rich class.

Revoke the powers Washington has awarded itself, and money will suddenly fail to buy very much.