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Comment: Jan that was brutal, you treated her like an idiot

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Jan that was brutal, you treated her like an idiot

Julie has a strong point in this video. We are the BIGGEST liberty advocates at the DP are we not? We all advocate for the FREEDOM to HARM OUR OWN BODY!

Whether it be:

1. Not wearing a helmet on your bike
2. Not wearing your seat belt
3. Ingesting some drugs?

Or even.... Wait for it... DUN DUN DUN.............

4. Taking the risk of "gangs with tanks," or a possible "futuristic version of the Hatfield's and McCoys..."


So it is PHILOSOPHICALLY INCONSISTENT to advocate that 1, 2, and 3, are TOTALLY ALLOWABLE, and are even CONSISTENT WITH OUR VIEW OF FREEDOM, BUT... 4 is unallowable?

And we must invent the most elaborate scare stories... in the same fashion that the democrats and socialists do: "The poor will die in the streets, the elderly, the children..."

You know the drill.


Julie, I am sorry. Sorry you had to sit through this. And sorry that Jan invited you to his van...

And sorry that Jan treated you like you are uneducated...

And that Jan has a tank and some missiles in a pole barn behind his house...

And that Jan secretly wishes he could pull off a mohawk.

And sorry that YOU DID NOT EVEN ADVOCATE for a "state-less" society, but Jan tried to "turn you into his opponent."

And that Jan treated you as if you couldn't possibly know a single thing about "the Hatfield and McCoys..."

I'm just sorry.