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I agree

As a fly-on-the-wall observer of the universe it is fairly obvious that ownership of land is a myth.

If you could "own" land then how far into the ground does the ownership go? 40 feet? 40 miles? 4,000 miles? And how far into the air does the ownership end? Does your "ownership" span high enough to touch airplanes? Does your ownership also encompass things outside of earth's atmosphere into the milky way? why or why not?

What if I own a parcel on mars or pluto. Can I claim the land now, or must I first be physically present? What if a martian claimed it first? What if a martian claimed Earth first 5 billion years ago?

There is no final authority on the matter because ownership of land is imaginary. It is a construction of the mind and merely a tool that we use to help us get along with each other.