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People's brains

develop differently depending on the types of stimulation
they receive and learning tasks that are undertaken.

Which helps explain things like why there are three year old kids
who are more adept at interacting with a tablet or i-phone
interface than I am - but the same child may be inept at playing
with blocks or Legos or interacting with other children:

Doing tasks that require complex motor skills cause neuron
development to increase in certain parts of the brain, for example.

Language acquisition in children also affects brain development
as studies like this one show:

Thus, the music I was exposed to as a child and the year or so of piano
lessons that I suffered (I think my teacher suffered more) through in
junior high school - to very little apparent benefit - may have created
the conditions for me to pick up the guitar decades later and actually
make considerable progress, nearly all from just playing by ear and
checking out the (very) occasional youtube lesson...