Comment: Your priorities suck.

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Your priorities suck.

I actually didn't need to read past "Should government. . ." before deciding that the proper answer is "no."

Government should not -- anything. The murderous, freedom-eating monster should not exist at all. Once upon a time it was sold to us with the catchy phrases like "to secure these rights (to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." According to the advertising, we need government to safeguard our liberty.

Liberty, not safety, is the alleged purpose of government. Yeah. See how well that worked out. Somewhere along the line, liberty got shuffled off to the side as special interests squabbled over who could use the magical "government" machine to force his neighbors to pay for his favored causes. People like you want government to make us all safe. Or healthy. Or educated or fed or free from pornography, unlicensed manicurists, raw milk, terrorists, and the bogeyman.

I don't want government to keep me safe. I DO value my liberty -- but government has proven conclusively that it cannot be trusted with it. Government eats liberty, and defecates things like "safety" and other favors for special interests.

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