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My Prediction...

Person that started the site is a liberal nut job. Got a bee in their bonnet about something happened and decided to start a web site.

Post will become less frequent, site will start to get a worse design than it already has and it will eventually go into the depths of the web where poor ideas for websites belong.

As for us and being targeted by this clown, who cares. The old saying goes that if you're not over the target you're not getting any flack.

Give it until the domain expires on Christmas Eve of 2014 and the little troll will disappear from the web and go back to whatever he does in Panama (where the domain name registrar lives). On a side note, who starts up a website making fun of other people on Christmas Eve, lol

Or maybe he'll read this and spend more of his money on a do nothing site and keep it up. ;) In case said owner of that site is reading this, your site sucks.