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Just my opinion...

Pause the video at 35 seconds.

Here's the summary of the autopsy report:

Findings on the cause of death are listed as the most likely cause to the least likely cause. The first three injuries listed on the autopsy findings are the most likely cause of death.

Scalp contusions: The report doesn't show where the contusions were located. I would be interested in reading the full autopsy report.

It's a little hard to see, but the officer in the khaki pants has the ball of the palm of his hand on this man's neck.

Remember the video of the police officer walking over to the young man and placing his hands around his neck? The young man passed out.

If the blood supply is cut off for a longer period of time, it can cause hemorrhage of the anterior neck, it can kill.

It also accounts for broken blood vessels in the eyes (petechiae of the bilateral eyes).

I'm not sure why the paragraph starting with "for statistical purposes..." is included in a summary of the findings.

This man wasn't resisting arrest, he was fighting for his life.