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But those of us among the

But those of us among the libertarian mindset do have a set moral code which "we" believe. Some of us consider it their god's code, others believe it is product of logic and reason. That code is that you may do as you please, however to deprive someone of their right to life, liberty and property is to perform a criminal act and thus, violate our morality. So at least around here, Bob is amoral for depriving Phil of his right to life. His personal ethics don't matter, he's violating NAP. I consider NAP to be the correct answer, and all other ideologies to be wrong to one degree or another.

The guy fleecing people at Goldman Sacs is also immoral because fleecing means tricking or using fraud. Fraud deprives one of their right to liberty and then usually property.

NAP is not an amoral system at all. It doesn't punish the stupid in so much as it punishes the lazy and irresponsible. Really it doesn't punish anyone, but rather gives people personal responsibility and control of their own lives. In fact a market based economy rewards the stupid vastly better than any other system as labor is compensated with strong wages and buying power as opposed to collectivist systems which reward stupidity with welfare and dependance, and eventually a whip.

Unlike a governmental system, criminals are not rewarded in a system of volunteerism as we have no group of humans who can commit legal crime. Crime is always viewed as crime, never as taxes, war or prohibition. There is no group placing regulatory landmines all about in order to rig the game for their giant company and ruin up and coming companies with the heavy hand of government. In a NAP society, you live or die by your own wit and your willingness to work hard.

Lets also remember that in a NAP society, people work for what motivates them. That isn't always money. Some people work for spiritual currency because of their religion and so in a free society charity would be very prevalent. Just look at early America where there were tons of charity hospitals and services for the poor. Humans are a diverse lot, and the NAP allows people to work for whatever cause moves them, whether its seeing the light of hope in a person's eyes when you help them, or making butt loads of money and buying $10,000 per hour hookers.

I actually enjoy debating with you BILL, but did you really make a fake account pretending to be ancap? That's weird.