Comment: Our fellowship is a diverse crowd...

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Our fellowship is a diverse crowd...

Ron Paul was very correct in saying that Liberty brings all people together. I'll go one step further to say that those who are sincerely seeking truth, with an open (and humble) mind, will find themselves on the same path of many others doing the same thing.

On that path, the commonality is the pursuit of truth, which may be the only thing in that you share in common with the person next to you. You'll find old, young, rich, poor, the "educated", and the simple, believers and non-believers, pro-life and pro-choice, all races and creeds.

What you don't see an abundance of, though, is those with a prideful attitude. I've always been struck by Ron Paul people as being some of the nicest people I've come to meet. I think the thing that resonates with my soul, to such a degree, is the air of humbleness that many people seem to have.

That quality was the one that I found most admirable in Ron Paul - the fact that he always attacks the issue, and not the person. Just like Jesus - hate the sin, but love the sinner.

I say that to say this - there are all kinds of people at Liberty Fellowship. They all love liberty, and are on a quest for truth. And they all look different, like your average Ron Paul speaking engagement might look.

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