Comment: Your ansgtiness makes sense now. You just don't want to suffer:)

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Your ansgtiness makes sense now. You just don't want to suffer:)

Anyway as usual just another multi page straw man.

If it has to be simplified for the stupid to possibly understand, it would be this:

Libertarian ethics doesn't say the stupid deserve to suffer. It says the innocent do not deserve to suffer because of the stupid or the evil.

Libertarian ethics also doesn't say we shouldn't help the stupid. So let me try.

The best way would be to help them not be stupid.

One way to be stupid is to not understand that if you try to justify stealing and killing from the innocent they won't like it, will ignore you when they can, justifiably mock you when they can't, and if you persist, will eventually stop you, as is their moral right.

So stop being stupid.

There is nothing moral, fair or right about the social outcomes of the market.

You mean the fascism people like you think is cute to call 'capitalism' or the 'free market'? Regardless spoken like a true economic ignoramus. If you are really such a consequentialist then you should at least open your eyes and see the actual results of fascism compared to capitalism. In point of fact the results of freedom are much more just and have a much flatter distribution of wealth than under fascism.

Wealth concentration in a free market is an ephemeral and unstable condition.

This is why they go to such efforts to program rubes like you to support fascism. There is a reason families and corporations maintain market position for decades and centuries. That reason is not because anyone can freely compete. It is because of government protection.

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